Boulder City Poppett Head

During the 1960s the artist worked for mining companies and travelled extensively throughtout the vast Australian inland desert regions on oil and mineral exploration expeditions. Many of his traditional Australian Landscapes, of which ‘Boulder City’ is a fine example, depict the old mining settlements that existed in the Australian Outback. The bright red earth of Centralia seems unbelievable to anyone who hasn’t been there, but those who have seen it would agree that Robert has accurately captured its colour in this painting. The names “Bussey and Tilly” inscribed bottom left are those of the artist’s grandparents, who lived and worked in the Western Australian gold mining town of Boulder City.

This work is available for sale. Enquiries: Click here.

Boulder City Poppett Head
Oil on primed hardboard
15cm x 25cm


One Response to “Boulder City Poppett Head”

  1. I saw Robert painting on Briz 31 last night, incredible!!

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