The Templar Dilemma

Painting from the Icons of the Second Renaissance series.
This painting has been sold to a private collector.

Title: The Templar Dilemma
Artist: Professor Robert Pope
Size 30cm x 40 cm
Medium: Acrylic on sealed board
Science-Art Research Centre of Australia Catalogue Registration Number: 48-4-07


Painting Description

A Knights Templar medallion above a Crusader motif floats within the universal space-time hologram amid a language of fused Greek, Roman and Islamic thought form letters. Dominating the foremost horizon are letter forms depicting the sterile linear language of obsessive entropic knowledge, with the structure of pi depicting the Templar Dilemma.

The Templars, as their heir, Freemasonary, had as their objective the rediscovery of a lost scientific Principle of Construction ( Creation) in order to develop the ancient Science for Ethical Ends so that humanity could be free from the dictatorship of the Principle of destruction ( The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). The logic base upholding the Templar Quest was founded upon geometrical ratios such as pi, all of which extended to infinity (the precursor to fractal logic). The dilemma is caused because the fractal logic (pi included) helps to uphold the Science of Aesthetics, Bernard Bolzano’s correction to Immanuel Kant’s incorrect theory of Aesthetics, which cannot be defined within a militaristic ethos.


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